Black Caviar Collection

Multi-Action Hair Cream Enriched with Black Caviar Extract

Volumizer Serum for Fine, Thin & Fragile Hair Enriched with Black Caviar Extract

Volumizer Hair Mask for Fine, Thin and Fragile Hair

Volumizer Spray for Fine, Thin and Fragile Hair Enriched with Black Caviar Extract

Volumizer Lotion for Fine, Thin and Fragile Hair Enriched with Black Caviar Extract

Total Blonde Hair Mask

Total Volume Hair Mask for Curly Hair

Total Volume Hair Cream for Curly Hair Enriched with Black Caviar

Color Refreshing Treatment

Treatment Ampoule

Hair Mask

Men’s Shampoo

Shampoo Salt Free

Moisturizing Hair Cream – Black Caviar

Black caviar serum

Moisturizing Hair Cream for men – Black Caviar

Black Caviar Spray

Thermo Builder

Total Repair Shampoo

Total Balance Shampoo

Total Reviving Conditioner

Total Clean Shampoo

Total Volume Shampoo

Black Caviar
and its contribution to healthy hair

Chemical processes that are performed on hair – including straightening, lightening and coloring – deplete it of many minerals and vitamins as well as various protective materials that it is hard for the body to reproduce and replace. This happens because hair is actually external to the regular bodily functioning. Hence the greatest challenge in the field of hair care, and especially for hair that has undergone any chemical treatment, is to restore those elements that will make the biggest contribution to recreating the hair’s original composition and texture. For many years the most widespread strategy in this area was to produce a preparation containing one central ingredient that would fulfill this need. However, with recent advances in technology and Health Ministry directives regarding the products permitted for use in straightening and coloring hair, the need arose to rethink that strategy and come up with a new “group of active ingredients” to satisfy straightening and coloring requirements, as well as being suited to variable and extreme weather conditions over the past decade (especially bearing in mind exposure to UVA and UVB radiation). Black caviar preserves the hair’s long term softness, while also adding vital ingredients. Caviar contains a high concentration of oils and proteins, mineral salts (primarily phosphorus and potassium), vitamins A, D, B2 and B12, as well as iron, manganese, selenium, magnesium, micro-elements and amino acids.

MON PLATIN’s Natural Silk Therapy range provides the ideal response to this challenge with an entirely new formula for the care and rehabilitation of hair.

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